We are a group of registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners who have studied in the lineage of Jeffrey Yuen, and especially under his long-term student Ann Cecil-Sterman.

We have joined together to provide a meeting point - both in-person and online - so that interested practitioners can be among like-minded friends, learning together.

We have created a Facebook Group, email contact list and study groups - please feel very welcome to connect with us!

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We currently have active communities in Sydney and Auckland.

If you have studied with Ann Cecil-Sterman, Sean Tuten or related teachers - and you'd like to start a community in your local area - please get in touch so we can offer you support.

Sydney / NSW

c/- Lois Nethery
The Village Healing Centre
Curl Curl (Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW)

Auckland / NZ

c/- Ada Sobieszczuk
The Acupuncture Sanctuary
Auckland, NZ

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Our Facebook group is desgined for practitioners who have received face-to-face teaching from Ann Cecil-Sterman or her students (eg Sean Tuten). This allows our discussions to be very relevant to the clinical issues that we encounter when practising this profound healing modality.

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Australian facilitators

These practitioners have completed several courses with Ann (and/or Sean), and have offered to facilitate local study groups.


Ada Sobieszczuk


Lois Nethery

Lois has been in private practice since 2005, and has run a group Chinese Medicine clinic since 2008. She received her first immersion into Classical Chinese Medicine through studying Hunyuan Medicine from 2012 onwards. She had been interested in the Jeffrey Yuen lineage for some time, and jumped at the chance to study pulses with Ann in 2015. Since then she has studied Sinews (2017), 8 extras (2019) and Luos (2019).

Tim Barrett

Tim runs a clinic on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, where he sees a lot of musculoskeletal cases as well as mental health and internal medicine. Tim has studied Pulses (2015) and Sinews (2017) with Ann and 8 Extras and Luos (2019) with Sean. Tim will be co-facilitating the Sydney Sinews workshop, offering his considerable experience in bodywork and sharing how to incorporate Sinews treatments into your practice.


Study groups

These topics are offered in Sydney and Auckland.

Due to COVID-19, we switched to online learning during April to June 2020. The Sydney and NZ groups will be invited to meet for in-person practice sessions during the second half of 2021.

Please sign up to the mailing list to keep abreast of all our latest developments. We plan to offer the series again in 2021, in preparation for Ann Cecil-Sterman's weekend seminar on the Divergent Channels in July.

We invite all past, current and future students of Ann (and/or Sean) to connect through these groups to either:
  • refresh what you've learned so far; or
  • be introduced to a topic that you haven't yet been exposed to.

Each topic involves theory intro/revision, and plenty of time to get hands-on practice and guidance.

We will stay flexible with in-person practice sessions according to public health restrictions.



Classical Pulses

Pulse-taking in this lineage is probably like nothing that you've encountered before.

Learn how to:
  • feel and interpret the pulses at Wei, Ying and Yuan level
  • use directional pulses to assess the interplay of Zang-Fu in the generation of resources
  • improve your diagnostic skills and separate root from branch issues
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Primary Channels

Following on from the pulses, a deeper understanding of the Primary Channels allows you to see what the body is aiming to accomplish in the present moment.

You will learn:
  • strategies to assist the Zang-Fu and primary channel network in the present moment
  • how to prepare the patient for deeper work by first providing resources and addressing stagnation
  • ways to address interjiao blockages

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Luo Networks

Learn how the Luo system protects the Zang-Fu, providing a detailed map of trauma, unresolved emotional obstacles and Blood stagnation.

Learn how to:
  • diagnose the relevant Luo, based on verbal cues
  • safely and respectfully invite release and resolution of stagnation and obstacles
  • combine Luo treatments with other levels such as Sinews or 8 Extras

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Working with the Sinews can revolutionise your pain treatments as well as providing new insights into complex syndromes such as immune system dysfunction.

We will address:
  • diagnosis of sinew channels
  • preparation for sinew release and patient advice for recovery after treatment
  • specific needle technique plus appropriate tools such as gua sha and moxa

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8 Extraordinary Vessels

In the 8-Extras topic, we learn the theory of Yuan Qi, congenital and epigenetic issues, long-term emotional patterning and issues of life purpose and personal history.

You will learn:
  • How and why to access the Yuan level in your patient
  • Safely working in the Yuan level, helping patients adjust to change
  • Yuan-level pulses and specific needle technique
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Further teaching...

We're anticipating that Ann and Sean will continue to teach in Australia, offering at least one seminar per year to our local community.

We're providing these study groups so that students new to the lineage, or those who have gaps in their learning, have the chance to cover ground before the seminars.

The other main purpose for these groups is to connect, share, practice and learn together.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know your local community of like-minded practitioners, joining together in a supportive and non-judgemental space!

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